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Smart Cat Toys Rolling Ball Pet Cat Owner Interactive Toys Automatic Bouncing Ball USB Self Hi Teasing Kittens Jumping Ball

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Color: Rolling Ball Pink

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Plush Barking Ball

Product Name:Automatic teasing cat jumping ball
Material: durable plastic silicone
Color: multiple colors available (red, blue, pink)
Size: diameter of about 5 cm

Product Features:

AUTOMATIC BOPPING AND MOVING: Built-in motors and sensors enable the bouncing ball to automatically bounce, roll and turn on the ground, attracting your cat's attention and hunting instincts.
LIGHT OR SOUND SENSOR: When the cat approaches or touches the bouncing ball, it triggers movement via light or sound sensors for added interactive fun.
LED LIGHTING EFFECTS: Equipped with sparkling LED lighting effects to provide visual stimulation and attraction, increasing the cat's interest in the jumping ball.
SAFETY DESIGN: The bouncing ball is made of durable plastic and silicone material that resists scratching and biting by cats, ensuring safety in use.
EXERCISE & ENTERTAINMENT: By chasing and catching the bouncing ball, cats can exercise and stay energized while enjoying the fun of interactive games.

Turn on the power switch of the jumping ball (charging via USB cable charging device).
Place the bouncing ball on a flat surface and make sure there are no obstacles around it.
When the cat approaches or touches the bouncing ball, it will automatically start bouncing and moving.
Cats can chase, catch and play with the bouncing ball for interactive and exercise fun.

SUPERVISED USE: It is recommended to use the bouncing ball under the owner's supervision to ensure the cat's safety and reasonable use.
Applicable objects: Suitable for most cats, but please choose the appropriate way and time of use according to the cat's age, health condition and individual characteristics.
Maintenance: Clean the surface of the jumping ball regularly and make sure the battery or charging device is functioning properly.

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